Don’t just take our word for it…

David and Scarlet

We highly recommend Penfold Property Buyers. Tom provided us with expert advice and implemented strategies which resulted in us not only buying our dream house but saving a lot of money overall. Tom’s services were highly professional and very attentive and extended to providing regular advice, searching for and inspecting properties, attending and bidding at auctions on our behalf, negotiating with real estate agents and liaising with various parties to get the deal done. Whilst we considered ourselves well informed buyers prior to enlisting Tom’s services, we had been struggling to find a property that met our brief, or even came close to it. From the outset Tom took all of the stress and doubt out of our minds as it was clear that he was highly knowledgeable and skilled at what he does. We came to learn that timing and strategy is essential to achieving value for money when buying a property and Tom excels in this regard. We couldn’t be more thankful for his help and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and Penfold Property Buyers. David and Scarlet.

Nikki Philips and Dane Rumble

So is there a guide or manual to buying a property? A book that reads, “buying for dummies”? Believe me if there was any of the above I’ve either got it, read it or it doesn’t exist! One day owning a house is something we all dream of. To one day say we are property owners and to nest. Now days especially in the Sydney market this has become nearly impossible to do, with house prices through the roof! My husband and I set out 8 months ago on this voyage. To find a property that suits us for a few years, something that we can throw our money into and hopefully build up equity, but most importantly a house that would not only suit us now, but in years to come. A big question mark that hung low over our heads was, do we renovate or buy renovated! Do we know what to look for? How do you tell if you are in over your head! After 8 months of non-stop inspections, uninterested agents, scratching our heads in hesitation, auctions and forever browsing the frequent real-estate channels with no luck, just angst, we decided we needed help. Enter Tom.

Tom is the director of Penfold Property Buyers. What is a property buyer? Well a Property Buyer is a buyer’s agent or buyers advocate who work exclusively for the purchaser of Australian residential property or real. Tom’s experience was something that we needed to assist us in making a good purchase. Tom’s transparency, knowledge and constant communication is something that truly got us excited again. After looking for so long with little luck and lots of confusion we had reached breaking point, we were exhausted. Within minutes of meeting Tom hearing his tactics and his plan for our budget, we instantly found relief. As fun as it is searching for your first home, there is so much stress involved and a lot of rejection something sadly we endured for too long. But after seeing the thousands of people in the same boat as us, it inspired me to share my story and our true fairytale ending.

Auctions can be intimidating and if your like me and extremely competitive, however your dollars cant keep up with you ever regular thrusting arm… again enter Tom. Tom is available for one off auctions. Penfold Property Buyers can bid at auctions on your behalf, with sound experience, confidence and emotional detachment. Auctioneers are skilled professionals; By getting Penfold Property Buyers on board means you are giving yourself the best advantage.

It’s a competitive market and you need to be reassured your making the best investment you can and for the right price! Having a professional on hand to guide you and use negotiation strategies to undermine the power imbalance, which is characteristic of the property market, really makes a difference. Within a month of getting Tom on board we purchased our dream house, the process was carefree and it happened within the blink of an eye. He got us a house that exceeded expectations, in a location we had desired and for a price that fitted within our budget. We went fully renovated, which is something we never thought we could afford. His knowledge within this industry was truly priceless. He never made us feel like things weren’t possible, always lifting sprits and making the process enjoyable. It was nice to know that us rookies, could feel secure within unfamiliar territory.

I guess what I’m saying is that for this personal voyage I think the one think I’ve learnt is its important to really investigate options, never be to shy to get someone on board to lend a helping hand. We got a mortgage broker on board who sorted the best rate and bank, but seeking a property buyer is also something I highly recommend. Nothing was more satisfying then being assured from the get go you are making the right investment in one of your biggest life moments. ( enter fist pump moment )

Tom you were worth you weight in gold me friend, thank you for making dreams come true!!

Rebecca and Neil

We cannot thank Tom enough! We had found the place of our dreams, but new that if we tried to bid at auction we would come out behind. That was when we were recommended to Tom Penfold. From our first meeting he guided us calmly, professionally and efficiently through the process of preparing for the auction, helping us at every step. 
While we were not in the room, we heard that Tom superbly handled the auction and won us our dream! We can honestly say that if we had been bidding we would not have won at auction for the price that we did, if at all. 

We cannot recommend Tom highly enough, and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Thank you!


Sanj and Julie

To be honest we were a little apprehensive about enlisting the services of a buyer’s agent at first. We knew what were were looking for. We knew our price range and at the time we were buying were resigned to the fact that we were going to have to go to auctions because the clearance rates were so high. What could a buyer’s agent really offer?

Looking back, we’re so glad we went to meet with Tom. What we didn’t realise was that so much of the real estate industry comes down to relationships. The relationship between vendor and their real estate agents. The relationship between potential buyers and these agents, and, the x factor the relationship between the vendors agent and YOUR buyers agent. We actually found the place we wanted to buy online two weeks before it went to auction. Tom came along with us to our second open and went to work on their agent. We were sure that we were going to have to go to auction, and pretty confident that we would have been outbid after the first round. The real magic to what Tom did was get the vendor’s agent on our side. When we put in our offer with 4 days to go before the auction their agent didn’t just take the vendor the offer, but really sold it to them because of the work Tom has did beforehand. To our delight and surprise they accepted. Even after Tom’s fee was taken into account we were able to purchase for well under market value. Highly recommend Tom’s services. He’s friendly, helpful and it was clear from the first time we met that he wanted to deliver a service which would make us happy.

Buying a property at Auction can be a really scary thing for the inexperienced buyer.  I recruited the services of Tom Penfold from Property Buyer to bid for me as I was sure he would be able to do what I couldn’t.

I saw a property on a Thursday evening and the auction was to be held 2 days later on the Saturday!  I contacted Tom who put all my fears at ease and said he would handle everything for me.  We met prior to the auction to discuss strategy and I put all my trust into Tom.

Well, it paid off!  He was successful in purchasing the property for me and I am sure that if I had been left to my own devises I would not have been successful.

Tom, is professional, stylish and knows the property market.  He assisted me from the very beginning and even said he could arrange a solicitor for me.

If I were to buy another property in Sydney I would not hesitate to contact Tom Penfold from Property Buyers.  He took all the stress out if for me and I am very grateful as I now have a beautiful home in Balmain which is my dream apartment.

Thanks Tom!

Kate – Paddington

I found Tom to be responsive and fast to act. He listened to the brief I gave him and stayed within my budget and selected areas. He picked me up and drove me to all the viewings which was very helpful given I work in the city. When it came time to negotiate Tom’s value was particularly evident, as he took the emotion out of the process and looked after my interests. I have since recommended Tom to several friends.

Sia and John

Tom helped us find and secure our dream home! After employing Tom’s services, within 4 weeks we had bought a house that met every criteria on our brief, and which immediately felt like our home.

Finding a property to call home was a big part of our life over the past year. Ten months of actively trying to find the right property, attending open homes Saturday after Saturday for many months and what seemed like spending every minute on real estate websites seemed a futile process. Our valuable Saturdays became exhausting searches through house after house, and it became clear that our interests as buyers were getting lost in the noise of every other buyer.
Despite dedication and hard work, missing out on a property at auction and being a pawn at the mercy of the real estate agent in another sale, finding and securing that ideal property seemed an elusive and heartbreaking battle.
We were initially hesitant in engaging a buyer’s agent but after witnessing the great results Tom had achieved for a friend of ours we decided to meet with him.

From the moment we met Tom, it was clear that he was honest, interested in understanding our brief and genuine in his approach. Throughout the process, Tom was sincere, upfront, and readily available. He was thorough in his approach and well-attuned to the market. To our surprise we were shown several off-market properties and instantly begun to understand the value of Toms ability to show us properties that would be sold without even hitting the market.
Ultimately, Tom was able to secure us a property for a price considerably less than what others were prepared to pay for it! We could not have achieved this result had we not enlisted Tom’s services, his fee was a fraction of what we saved.
We absolutely recommend Tom and look forward to using him again in the future.

Thanks Tom!

Karen and Thanh

Buying a house is not as easy as it first seems.  The processes that need to be followed before bidding at auction and then the pressure of the auction itself is incredibly overwhelming.  We tried to purchase on our own and were constantly being edged out at the last minute.  

Tom at Penfold Property Buyers is the reason why we’ve purchased our home.  He is knowledgable, experienced and the voice of reason in situations that are stressful and emotive for buyers.  We highly recommend Tom to anyone interested in purchasing a property– Karen and Thanh

Philip Gartland

On behalf of Alex and I, we just want to thank you for your professionalism in closing out 25 alt so smoothly. It is a great feeling waking up to being the new owners! 
We will miss our breakfast catch ups and your baby sitting skills! Thanks also for the lovely bottle of champagne, it will be used very soon!
Look forward to a celebratory dinner soon…

Philip Gartland
Stonebridge Property Group


Being an assertive person who develops strategies for a living, I quite fancied my ability to single-handedly purchase a house for my family despite the craziness that is the current real estate market in Sydney. Turns out emotions (and frustrations) still got in the way, and the discovery of Tom’s service was a huge relief. Tom’s relationship management and negotiation skills are second to none – he simultaneously took the stress off my shoulders AND negotiated a lower price than I hoped to achieve. I recommend him wholeheartedly.


Anthony Hickson

I had been searching and bidding on flats/houses in Sydney’s Inner West and Eastern Suburbs, unsuccessfully for 7 months, and after sinking thousands of dollars on building inspections and conveyancer fees on properties that Agents had misguided me on, it was suggested to me that I needed a more targeted approach.  I was recommended a local buyer’s advocacy Agency.  I did not realise this, but it was the best move I could have made in helping us achieve our property purchase ambitions in Sydney.

From the first interaction, we found this Agency to be professional, understanding of our situation, outcome focused and courteous. Our key contact, Tom Penfold, was brilliant and we can’t thank him enough because he helped us secure a property within 1 month. We needed someone on our side, to help us really evaluate the price of a property, and this is what we got. From meeting Tom, I knew that we would get the right property at the right price.  Working to a strict budget and understanding our brief, Tom was able to present back to us options of properties, which were fundamental in helping us decide what we really wanted. His clear acquisition strategy, brilliant communication, knowledge of the market, industry contacts and love of what he does, gave us the confidence we were going to find the property we were after and we did!  Thank you Tom.

Anthony Hickson


Thankyou very much.  All the credit goes to Tom.  He was absolutely outstanding in terms of looking after me and negotiation, make sure you look after him.  He never pushed me on budget and as we got going he pretty knew exactly what I was looking for.  I know you can generally only get 2 out of the 3 – location, price or house – but I think he’s secured all 3 for me.  After 6 years of futile looking it’s such a relief.



Anne-Maree Scott

Hi Tom, Thank you again for all your help.

We wanted to buy a house in quite a specific part of Stanmore for an investment initially but also to move into later on. We were worried about trying to buy in the inner west especially in such a competitive market. A quick search ourselves revealed that it was going to be too time consuming and stressful to do it by ourselves so we engaged after reading about their success buying a house for someone in Newtown in the newspaper. We’d never heard of a buyer’s agent before but we’re glad we read that article now. Tom Penfold was our consultant and he was on the job straight away. We missed out on one but we’re really happy that Tom advised us not to increase our offer on it and to move on. He started looking again straight away. He said he’d find us a better one and he did. In fact a couple of days later, we bought a house. We saw the house on Thursday and by Friday afternoon we’d exchanged! He was right, the next house is much better value and we couldn’t be happier. Tom is professional, knowledgeable, well mannered and has all the energy in the world. We’d recommend his services to anyone and would definitely engage him to buy us another property.

Anne-Maree Scott

Alex McRae (Lending manager

Tom Penfold has been a huge help to some great clients of ours recently. They had been actively in the market for over 6 months seeking an owner occupied property so that they could position themselves in a sought after area for great schools and other amenities. Their frustrations were evident after such a long time of being unsuccessful.

I introduced them to Tom Penfold, for his guidance with their next property offer. Within a week he had managed to negotiate a great purchase for our clients, at a time when it seemed they were about to lose out again. His understanding of the market and ability to take control of the negotiating for these clients has meant that they are now the very proud owners of a fantastic property in Sydney. They have benefited both financially and emotionally from working with Tom. I will be referring our clients to Tom in the future as this is exactly the type of service I think they all should be benefitting from.

Alex McRae (Lending Manager)

Sophie Lampert

It seems when it comes to real estate that everyone is an expert. After hours and hours of online searching listening to all my friends who had bought in Sydney, attending auctions and open houses, I suddenly realized two years had gone by and really I was none the wiser. I have a demanding full time job and my partner works weekends so the whole thing was becoming increasingly more stressful. Luckily I saw an article on buyer’s agents in SMH. Initially I was highly suspicious but was really impressed after having a meeting with Tom Penfold and two weeks later we owned a lovely house. Tom was fantastic, he pounced on the property before it came on the market and finalized a deal, all I had to do was transfer the deposit, sign papers and get driven around in his car. It was so fast and efficient I didn’t even have time to get stressed and best of all I didn’t have to talk to one single sales agent. Due to Tom’s amazing negotiating skills he saved us between 25,000 and 60,000…maybe even more and we got a great property! Only disappointed it happened so quickly as my work colleague and I were looking forward to quite a few more lunchtime expeditions. I’m not an expert so I engaged a professional. I’m a convert, Tom is worth every cent I will definitely use his services again and I highly recommend him.

Thank you so much.

Sophie Lampert

Rosina, Chris (and Olivia)

It was a pleasure working with Tom. His expertise and knowledge of the housing market really helped us find and secure the apartment we wanted at the price we could afford. His honesty and good judgement when evaluating potential flats prevented us from settling for second best. And we would not have bought our flat without his excellent negotiating skills. We have already recommended Tom to our friends and family.

All best wishes

Rosina, Chris (and Olivia)


Hi there

OK… I’ve calmed down a bit!

I just wanted to write a quick note to formally say what a great job Tom has done.  He has managed to work with me and my erratic and often changing brief (an apt, a house, beach views, 2 min walk to Bondi junction etc. etc.), he always remained calm and patient.  I thought his bidding/buying strategies were excellent and my friend from Phil (who also works in commercial real estate) commented on how well he felt he handled the Dennison auction.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate his time, effort and professionalism throughout the engagement and I truly enjoyed meeting and working with you both and look forward to saving up for my next deposit!

I think you are worth every penny of the fee and I genuinely enjoyed the experience.

I’m really looking forward to a long and fruitful SRW –relationship

Thanks so much



I had just sold the home that I had lived in for 17 years.  I was ready to move. Tom Penfold was recommended to me by my mortgage broker but I wasn’t entirely sure whether I needed a buyer’s agent or whether I would just try my luck in the property market on my own. After all, I had spent 3 years making copious notes and studying the market in my preferred area.   From our first meeting I found Tom to be professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He immediately understood my very particular needs and I could see from his description of the market and the services that he could provide that I should take advantage of what he had to offer. We very quickly set out to find my dream home.

Tom is a great communicator and makes himself very available.  He often picked my daughter and I up and drove us to our inspections and sometimes even picked my daughter up when I couldn’t, and drove her to our meeting place.  What I liked about Tom was his reliability and his honesty in his estimation of what was likely to be within my budget and what was not – and the fact that he would pursue any property regardless of this if I asked him to.  He was also very patient and reassuring when I was nervous or anxious about particular properties. He told me that the average time he spends with a client before finding the ideal property is 3 weeks.  I was sceptical. But true to his words on the third week I found my dream home which miraculously ticked all the boxes. Incredible. Tom then promptly and confidently secured an unbelievable price and I am still pinching myself at my good fortune. I realised that although I had a good grip on the property market, I did not have the contacts and the expertise to negotiate in the way that Tom could. It was four days from first viewing to securing the property. The property was well within my budget and he saved me tens of thousands at a time when the market was skyrocketing. The whole experience was amazing and I would highly recommend his services, even to those who think they can go it alone – the market is complex and sophisticated and Tom’s experience and connections will work in your favour.


Richard Haigh

After 6 months of fruitless house hunting, including 3 auctions where the prices far exceeded our expectations (in some cases in excess of $100K), we were ready to throw in the towel in our quest to purchase a first home. Our mortgage broker, however, suggested we try a buyer’s agent and recommended Tom Penfold.

I was a little hesitant at first given the cost associated with a buyer’s agent, but Tom and the team were enthusiastic and confident in their ability to find us the right place, at the right price.

I found Tom highly responsive, persistent and dedicated to our cause. He was proactive in his recommendations (of specific areas and property types), but at the same time took on board and responded to our feedback, interests and expectations. Tom made the process easy and straightforward, meeting at times and places convenient to us, and happily chauffeuring us around Sydney to check out various properties. When we finally found the right place, Tom acted fast and decisively – from first viewing the house to exchanging contracts was little more than 36 hours.

We were extremely happy with what Tom achieved for us. Tom negotiated us a good price, for a great house, in a highly competitive market, where most vendors were happily going to auction, receiving well above their expectations, and achieving clearance rates of 80%+.

I look forward to working with Tom and the team on our next purchase.

Richard Haigh