What We Do

Purchasing Property

Purchasing property is not simple, but our service changes that. At Penfold Property Buyers we seek to understand each clients’ needs and distil the property brief. Hand-in-hand with our clients, we guide them through every aspect of the buying process, giving them broader access to properties, and connecting them with opportunities only available through our extensive industry network.

Our property know-how is based on our experience – we buy property, we do it frequently, and we’re good at it. We provide the benefit of in-depth research and sound market analysis, assisting our clients to make well-informed buying decisions.


In a past life, we’ve represented sellers, and we know the tactics that real estate agents deploy. We use the knowledge we have, of how agents operate, to our clients’ advantage. Our negotiation strategies undermine the power imbalance, which is characteristic of the property market, and assist our clients to dictate the property price.

Property Sourcing

Have you got the time? While our clients focus on their day-to-day commitments, we source properties matched to their briefs; we sort the good from the bad, and we arrange private viewings when convenient to our clients. With us on your side, we’ll cross the T’s and dot the I’s – we’ll arrange building and pest inspections, contract reviews, and strata reports, all before you’ve had your morning coffee.

Bidding at Auction

Already found a property? We can still assist.

Penfold Property Buyers can bid at auctions on your behalf, with sound experience, confidence and emotional detachment. Auctioneers are skilled professionals; give yourself the best advantage by engaging one too.

Need us to bid? Call us 0430 303 349.